About Us


Highly-skilled Professional Translators, licensed in Translation or in possession of specific language certifications, that have a long experience in the translation field. Our translators are enrolled in the Lists or Registers of Certified Translators.
Register of Court Translators/Interpreters (Civil and Criminal Section) and Register of Chamber of Commerce Translators

Our Association and Consulting

Given the many demands and needs in 2013 we decided to found an association. We take care of assistance to foreigners living here in Italy with regard to work, Registration, Family, Social and Cultural Activities.

The VYSHYVANKA Association

We Work in many Fields:
Work: providing all the information and assistance necessary for relations with the competent authorities and counterparties in relation to the problems of labor, welfare and social security through understanding and translation of documents;
Regolarizzazione: providing legal assistance to foreign immigrants in relations with the competent authorities (the Police, Municipalities, Ministry of Work, Local Authorities, Embassies, Consulates etc ..) through translation and understanding of documents;
Family: providing advice and assistance to immigrants for all problems related to the nuclear family (family reunification, child custody separations, ecc..);
Prison: providing advice and assistance including legal non-EU citizens who turn to the Association, in relations with the judiciary, lawyers and prisons;;
Social: providing advice and assistance for integrating immigrants into the social structure of Italian (housing problems, to kindergarten, education ecc.);
Cultural: encouraging all initiatives intended to pursue the maintenance of cultural identity of the immigrant and meeting with different cultures, through the understanding of the characteristics of the culture of the host society.